Own system

System that has been designed and invented by Babyclon® thanks to our long experience in the sector. These systems can only be used by Babyclon®.

Registered system

Systems invented by Babyclon® and registered as a trademark.

Official licence

Models and/or sculptures with external image rights for which Babyclon has the official licence for their exploitation.

Trade secret

This includes several processes. Of creation registered as an official secret by our company CLONFACTORY S.L.U., such as:

-The finishing of the mould joints for their total imperceptibility.
-The silicone injection system in the moulds.
-System of internal cores for the manufacture of robotic babies.

Original sculpture

Sculpture designed and created by our own team.

Extra flexible surgical silicone

Our parts are made of a long-lasting silicone which falls into the category of platinum silicones (addition-cured silicone).

Authenticity chip

Sculptures with internal chip, for the control of its authenticity Babyclon®.

Non-toxic product

Babyclon® sculptures are considered 100% non-toxic due to the harmlessness of the products used to create them.