Incredible extras that will make your Babyclon® a perfect baby. Do you need your Babyclon® to fix its arms in a specific position? Do you want to stop worrying about hair loss or do you want to turn your baby into a real mermaid? With our extras all this is possible.

With our more than 10 available extras you have many possibilities to go one step further and make the perfect Babyclon® for you.

Internal structure

As we already know, silicone is highly flexible and that is why we have designed and manufactured an internal structure so that we can move the limbs, especially the arms, putting it in the position you want (arms crossed, arms up…).

It will also allow us to play a lot with the baby’s positions when doing a photo session, a system that will allow us the mobility and pose of the baby.
This structure is compatible with all models.

Price arms or legs structure: 300€ / 390 USD
Price arms and legs structure: 490€ / 637 USD

Hyper-realistic eyes

They are handmade with the same technique used by eye prosthetists or film special effects technicians.

They have the most realistic details (red veins, …). It gives an extra realism to your Babyclon®. Available with all models awake.

Price hyperrealistic eyes: 150€ / 190 USD

Umbilical cord

It is an extra that works with a system of magnets.

One is implanted in the baby and the other in the cord so that it can be put on and taken off without leaving any marks. Made of very soft silicone so that its texture is the same as an umbilical cord.

Price umbilical cord 10 cm: 135€ / 175 USD
Umbilical cord 20 cm: 175€ / 227.50 USD

Elf ears

This is an add-on that can be added to almost any model and allows you to turn your favourite model into an endearing elf. This extra is implanted on the doll (painted or unpainted kit) and is fully integrated into the sculpture without leaving any visible joint.

Price elf ears: 150€ / 195 USD
Price elf ears Preemie models: 100€ / 130USD

Pig Custom

A fun extra that turns your favourite model into a cute little pig. Integrates into the sculpture and has no visible joints. Compatible with all Babyclon® models, except preemies and miniatures.

*Compatible models from newborn onwards.

Price Pig Custom: 250€ / 325 USD

Creative painting

You have seen an infinity of babyclone dolls painted as real fantasy creatures, with body decorations (henna body tattoos) or characterised as film characters, …

In our painting department we have the best professionals in this type of work. Tell us what you want, and we do it.

Creative painting price: 590€ / 770 USD

Mermaid tail

It is an extra that consists of a cover for your baby that perfectly imitates the tail of a mermaid, flexible and with a very real movement.

It can be attached and your baby turns into a beautiful mermaid, or removed and continues to be a baby. You can choose the tail in any colour combination you like.

* Compatible models: Miami, Berlin, Kyoto and Paris.

Mermaid tail price: 490€ / 637 USD

Drink & Wet

It is a registered Babyclon® proprietary system.

It consists of an internal system that allows the dummy to swallow the liquid from the bottle and pee. Any liquid can be used for this extra (water, milk, juice, …). It is a system that is not harmful for the silicone and the baby.

*Not compatible with the Eat & Poo.

Price Drink & Wet: 260€ / 338USD

Eat & Poo

System similar to Drink&Wet. We supply the substance to be given to your baby through the bottle and he does his business as if he were a real baby.

Any liquid can be used for this extra (water, milk, juice, …). It is a system that is not harmful to the silicone and the baby.

*Not compatible with Drink & Wet.

Price Eat & Poo: 260€ / 338 USD

Final hair

At Babyclon® we have patented the ultimate hair system. No more hair loss!
Babyclon’s star system, as we are not only the only brand in the world to implant it with the prosthetic system, but we are also the owners of the patent for silicone dummies.
we are the owners of the patent for silicone dummies.
It was invented by our director Cristina Iglesias, based on the cinematographic prosthesis system.

It consists of permanent hair rooting, with a guarantee of 85% efficiency on the implanted hair.
A system where hair is manually implanted hair by hair.

It is the solution to the big problem of hair loss in silicone dolls. Incredible, isn’t it?

But true! We have done it!

*Preemie models are not compatible.

Price for medium head final hair: 390€ / 510 USD
Definitive hair price large head: 420€ / 550 USD

Painted and grafted hair

Who said you couldn’t paint hair on silicone?
At Babyclon® we have done it and with absolute realism. With this new technique, your grafted hair looks even more real, and what’s more, you won’t have to suffer the typical bald patches in case it falls out.

If what you are looking for is not to think about combing or hair loss, your option is just painted hair.

Price painted hair and grafted head preemie: 100€ / 130 USD
Price painted hair and grafted medium head: 200€ / 260 USD
Price of painted hair and grafted big head: 250€ / 325 USD