Our jewel in a small size

* Weight: 1 kilo
* Size: 33 / 34 cm

Price of kit unpainted: 490€ / 637 USD

Price painted kit (hair included):
AWAKE: 820€ / 1066 USD
ASLEEP: 790€ / 1027 USD
*Plus shipping and handling

* You can choose boy or girl, skin colour, hair colour and type of hairstyle.
* Straight hair is only available in alpaca.
* Only C eye colours available.

Quality seals

Under the demand of a premature baby of very small size, and the success of the body of our very detailed baby Sibay, this sculpture is born that leaves no one indifferent who holds it in their arms. A very small baby, with features very appropriate to his age, and a body that seems to have just come into the world, with an infinity of wrinkles, texture and details. A real collector’s jewel, at a very affordable price.

Limited edition.

Sculpted by Cristina Iglesias.