Our most realistic baby

* Weight: 3.7 kilos
* Measurement: 51 cm

Price of kit unpainted: 1400€ / 1820 USD

Price painted kit (hair included):
AWAKE: 1840€ / 2392 USD
ASLEEP: 1800€ / 2340 USD

* You can choose boy or girl, eye colour, skin colour, hair colour and type of hairstyle.

Quality seals

The Sibay model is one of our most realistic babies. With fine features inspired by the Russian city.
A baby with marked, rounded features and extreme beauty, with stylised bodies.
His sculpture has been made with the smallest detail, as close as possible to a real newborn baby, showing all the fine folds of the skin, even his micro-texture, those little almost imperceptible wrinkles that give him a total realism when you see him up close.
His feet and hands have been reproduced from the mould of a real baby, with all the wrinkles, pores and details. A silicone baby of impressive artistic quality.

Limited edition.

Faces sculpted by Cristina Iglesias. Body by Cristina Iglesias and P.García..