Our first puppy

* Weight: 2 kilos
* Measurement; Length: 21 cm
Height: 19 cm

Price kit unpainted: 540€ / 702 USD

Price painted kit: 540€ / 702 USD.
(hair not included): 730€ / 950 USD

* Price extra hair (crest): 80€ / 104 USD

* Available in black, white, grey, cream, cream and brown, and the colour of the spots.

* Includes internal structure, to let it stand upright.

Quality seals

Introducing our first Babyclon® Pet. After the constant demand for silicone pets, our team has decided to create the adorable Puppy, our most endearing puppy.

Puppy has a mouth cavity and tongue so you can insert a real dummy, his ears are also movable and his internal structure allows you to leave him in any position you want.

Limited edition.

Sculpted by Cristina Iglesias and Ricard Ramos.