* Measurement: 34 cm
*Weight: 1kg

Price painted kit asleep (hair included)
(hair included): 1350€ / 1755 USD
Price painted kit awake (hair included): 1380€ / 1755 USD.
(hair included): 1380€ / 1794 USD

* Only available with the Sibay Preemie model.

* You can choose, boy or girl, skin tone, hair colour and style, wing colour.

Quality seals

Immerse yourself in the world of fairies with this very special extra. Turn the cute Sibay Preemie into a real fairy. The wings attached to her back are completely made of silicone, very flexible and with a structure to be able to bend them and have an exceptional movement reality. The elf ears sculpted exclusively for the Sibay Preemie make this baby even more extraordinary.

Sculpted by Cristina Iglesias.