Our most tender model

* Weight: 1 kilo
* Size: 33 / 34 cm

Price kit unpainted: 490€ / 637 USD

Price painted kit (hair included)
AWAKE: 820€ / 1066 USD
ASLEEP: 790€ / 1027 USD
*Plus shipping and handling

* You can choose boy or girl, skin colour, hair colour and type of hairstyle.
* Straight hair is only available in alpaca.
* Only C eye colours available.

Quality seals

The Luanda model was born inspired by a culture in a lively city, full of contrasts and history mixed with modernity, a description that fits perfectly with our model and the city of Luanda. A very small baby, with features very much in keeping with his age, and a body that seems to have just come into the world, with an infinity of wrinkles, textures and details. A real collector’s gem, at a very affordable price.

Limited edition.

Sculpted by Cristina Iglesias.