Our premature oriental

* Weight: 2.3 kilos
* Measurement: 46 cm

Price kit unpainted: 995€ / 1293 USD

Price kit painted: Price kit painted: 1380€ / 1794 USD.
(hair included): 1380€ / 1794 USD

* You can choose boy or girl, skin colour, hair colour, type of hairstyle and position of open or closed hands.

Quality seals

The Kyoto model, inspired by one of Japan’s most charming and traditional cities.
Noted for its enormous number of temples and spectacular zen gardens.
Babies with slanted eyes, thin lips, half-open mouth, realistic gums and small nose.
A baby with a slim build.
The Kyoto model with an exceptional beauty and a fragile and delicate appearance as if it were a real baby, made with the best and most resistant silicones on the market. A preemie with great charm.

Limited edition.

Sculpted by Cristina Iglesias.