Kelowna’s younger brother

* Weight: 2,9 kilos
* Measure: 48 cm

* Unpainted kit price: 1145€ / 1489 USD

* Painted kit price (hair included):
AWAKE: 1620€ / 2106 USD

*You can choose boy or girl, color of eyes, skin color, hair color and type of hairstyle

Sellos de calidad

After the success of the Kelowna model, we have created his younger brother, the kelowna newborn. With the same expression as his older brother, we have created one of the best bodies to date.

The Kelowna model is inspired by this Canadian city with an extremely friendly atmosphere.
This sculpture transmits the warmth and beauty of this city, with a cozy climate and idyllic landscapes.

His body has an impressive back, with his legs crossed half like newborn babies and a position of his arms that you can put in the position you like most.

Limited edition.

Sculpted by Cristina Iglesias