Our most relaxed baby

* Weight: 3.7 kilos
* Measurement: 51 cm

Price of kit unpainted: 1400€ / 1820 USD

Price painted kit (hair included):
AWAKE: 1840€ / 2392 USD
ASLEEP: 1800€ / 2340 USD

* You can choose boy or girl, eye colour, skin colour, hair colour and type of hairstyle.

Quality seals

In homage to the series, the paper house, we have chosen the name of our favourite characters to create the new Babyclon models.

The new Denver model is pure tenderness, there is no other model that relaxes you as much as this one. With its half-open mouth and half smile, it gives you the feeling that it is dreaming of you and the good times you are going to have together.

The Denver model adopts the body of our Sibay model, making it one of the most realistic models available.

Limited edition.

Faces sculpted by Cristina Iglesias. Body by Cristina Iglesias and P.García..