The reissue of the star baby

* Weight: 2.3 kilos
* Measurement: 46 cm

Price of kit unpainted: 995€ / 1293 USD

Price painted kit (hair included)
AWAKE: 1410€ / 1833 USD
ASLEEP: 1380€ / 1794 USD

* You can choose boy or girl, skin colour, hair colour, type of hairstyle and the position of open or closed hands.

Quality seals

After the continued demand for a reissue of this model, finally returns to be on sale which has been the most successful and sold silicone baby in history.
A baby inspired by the German city, with fine and pleasant features. Of detailed body but fine, slender and stylized. She is a very grateful model, since all skin, hair and eye tones make her feel good. A very sought after piece, back for sale.

Limited edition.

Sculpted by Cristina Iglesias..