Our robotic baby

* Weight: 3.6 kilos
* Measurement: 50 cm

Price painted kit (hair included): 4500€ /5850USD
(hair included): 4500€ /5850USD

* You can choose boy or girl, hair colour, type of hairstyle and skin colour. This baby is not waterproof. 100% realistic mouth movement and breathing.

*Available in all models in the catalogue. (check prices)(check prices).

Quality seals

A very special model

The world’s most innovative silicone doll.

It is the real silicone baby controlled by mini-motors, which is able to move by itself by simply pressing on its back.

The battery of this silicone bebeborn is charged with a standard charger that plugs into the back of its neck.

Its movement is activated giving rise to two minutes of breathing and sucking on the dummy or bottle, which gradually decreases until it falls asleep. A real collector’s item.