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AVATAR model

20th Century Fox oficial

The model formerly named Berlina Vi, now called Avatar Asleep, is inspired by the incredible and noble Na’vi - the humanoid race that inhabits the beautiful moon of Pandora as seen in the film AVATAR.

The film is full of action and adventure, with a warrior daughter of the Na’vi clan chief, the human soldier who falls in love with her and the military and scientists from Earth who also fight for control of Pandora.

These characters and settings immerse us in an alien world where we come to care deeply about them and their future, as well as the future of our own planet.

Its white dots glow with ultraviolet light

Avatar Asleep is sculpted with fine, simple and stylized features. Its pattern of white dots shines with ultraviolet light, just like the bioluminescent patterns of the Na’vi shine in the darkness of the Pandoran rainforest.

Crafted of very flexible silicone. No visible joints.

The mouth opens and the tongue is movable.

Babyclon® is the only company in the world with an official, worldwide license from 20th Century Fox to create silicone babies based on AVATAR.

Get your Avatar Asleep silicone baby, the original, authentic and official one.

Sculpted by Cristina Iglesias.

Technical data sheet:

Weight: 2,7kl

Measurements: 46cm

Drink and Wet system included in the price.

Choice of boy or girl.

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