Experience 8 months after going to work at Babyclon®

Experience 8 months after going to work at Babyclon®

Hello everyone! After a long time without updating the blog, we return with great strength! From now on we promise that every week we will update it with all the novelties, news and many surprises.

 Before anything, I will present, called me Aitor and since the month of August I am the secretary of Babyclon®. The first blog this year I am going to write me and I thought that the best way was to explaining a bit the experience I have had during these 8 months within this company.

 Before going to work completely unaware of this world, I just knew that in my town was a company that made babies and sold throughout the world, so I went very excited. The first impression I had was that it was a company very young, with a very young team and that could fit perfectly.

During all this time, I discovered this world, almost without limits of creativity, I have spoken with thousands of people all over the world and tried to resolve all the doubts and requests of all customers. I have also investigated a little since the beginnings of Babyclon® and i have seen the evolution, in both models, up to the best work of art that for me has been the exact replica of the father of Cristina.


I noticed the eyes that were used at the beginning and in which we have now and it is an incredible difference, not to mention the extra hyper-realistic eyes that are wonderful. Or the definitive hair, which solves the great problem in the silicone, which is the fragility of the normal hair graft.

From the beginning I also noticed that there were people who ruined the work of years of Cristina and the whole team of Babyclon®, insists that the sculptures were stolen from other artists. On this subject by my experience here, I can only say that I saw the beginnings of the Kelowna model, or the replicas that Cristina has sculpted in front of me and that utterly silenced these false rumors.

Sometimes not everything goes, and I honestly believe, that you cannot pretend to succeed in something trying to sink another. And we want to inform that in the end, the whole truth always comes to light and that is why we have become part of IADA, an association that goes against plagiarism and theft of other artists and we are very happy!

So, in conclusion, my experience in these 8 months working in Babyclon® have been to see that there is always something new to learn, and that Babyclon® complies with dreams of many people. I also wanted to thank all the people that contact us and that without you, this team does not exist!


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