How can I paint my own Babyclon®?

How can I paint my own Babyclon®?

*WARNING. For export and customs reasons, the sales section of materials is only available in Europe. We would very much like to be able to provide all our materials, but unfortunately, some items would remain in customs.But we want you to be able to see this blog, dedicated to our section of paintings and materials of our European website

Hello Babyclon® family! We return with a special blog, dedicated to our section of paintings and materials of our European website. We are working to make the web more dynamic and faster to see our products and make it easier for you to buy through it.

In the materials section, there is all the material necessary to be able to paint a Babyclon®. From paintings to the powders we use in our

If you have never painted a silicone baby, and also not able to attend any course, (which, by the way, in February we have the first painting course of the 2020 tour in Barcelona) our recommendation is the DVD, where the director Cristina Iglesias, teaches step by step as paint a babyclone®.

Once you have seen the DVD, if you want to continue this adventure, the complete lot of paints and materials, is what is needed. It is a complete batch, where there is everything you need to paint a Babyclon®, since it includes all paints, solvent, dyes, brushes, gloves, sponges... Etc. and it doesn't just work for a baby, it depends on how much it is used, it serves up to 5 babies. And for the most daring people, there is also the complete lot plus the DVD, with a special price, so that while you are viewing the DVD you can already go painting.

Once the first babies have been painted, you will already know the steps to be followed and the material you need, and all the material that has left over from the whole lot, and surely there will be some material that will be needed again, so you do not need to buy a complete lot you can buy the materials separately.

As, for example, paints or dyes, numbered by each color, which can be purchased separately, or purchased in batches of the 10 colors that are available, at a reduced price.

Or also solvent, professional powders, silicone A and silicone B and accelerator. If there is any material, which you do not find in your country, or you need advice to be able to purchase it, write to us at email or to our official Facebook page and we will try to help you.

And until here blog this week, I hope it helped you and continue to create! Dream with Babyclon®.

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