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    The new Rio model is the most special because it is inspired by the daughter of director Cristina Iglesias, a baby with very fine features and details that only real babies have.This model adopts the Yala body, a body with curves worthy of a 4kg baby, which when held in arms, you won’t want to get rid of this model. Limited edition. Sculpted by...
  • $1,820.00 In Stock
    The unpainted kit of the Sibay silicone doll is a very realistic anatomy sculpture, in fact, the most realistic Babyclon® model that has been sculpted. This model is sculpted under the inspiration of this Russian land, the character and features of their babies. This silicone baby has marked and round features, extreme beauty and a stylized body. The...
  • $637.00 In Stock
    Under the demand of a very small premature, and the success of the body of our very detailed baby Sibay,this sculpture is born that leaves no one indifferent to those who hold it in their arms. A very small baby, withfeatures very consistent with their age, and a body that seems new to the world, with an infinity of wrinkles,texture and details. An...
  • $1,612.00 In Stock
    The Sydney Wink model is a hyperrealistic silicone baby inspired by the city of Sydney, one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural cities in the world with its typical Sydneysider character, cheerful, fun and always with a big smile like our baby. An endearing and smiling baby that makes himself look and is able to infect us with his great smile just...
  • $1,508.00 In Stock
    The unpainted kit of the Yala silicone doll is based in one of the most beautiful cities in Thailand, attractive for its ponds, caves and waterfalls, and that's where this sculpture that conveys the wealth is inspired natural, the mixture of religions and cultures of this province. This wonderful baby silicone combines the splendor, happiness and...
Showing 17 - 21 of 21 items

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