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    The Kelowna model is inspired by this Canadian city with an extremely friendly atmosphere. This sculpture transmits the warmth and beauty of this city, with a cozy climate and idyllic landscapes. It is the most famous sculpture of Babyclon nowadays, since the body is the replica of a real baby, wich has been able to see the whole process live on our...
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    The unpainted kit of the Kyoto silicone doll is inspired by this majestic city in southern Japan. The city of temples of pure simplicity, with its admired sanctuaries and the calm gardens. This sculpture is inspired by the history and beauty of this region of Japan. It is a sculpture of Japanese factions, with closed eyes. The body is small, a standard...
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    The Luanda model was born inspired by a culture in a living city, full of contrasts and history mixed with modernity, description that adapts perfectly to our model and the city of Luanda.A very small baby, withfeatures very consistent with their age, and a body that seems new to the world, with an infinity of wrinkles,texture and details. An authentic...
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    The unpainted kit of the awakened Miami silicone doll is a model born after the resounding success of his sleeping brother. A model with some slight changes in his body and with 1.5 centimeters smaller. The baby silicone reborn Miami Sleeping manages to be the balance between the reality of a premature baby, and the beauty of this multiracial earth, with...
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    The model Milan awake inspired by one of the most sophisticated, glamorous and cosmopolitan cities in the world.It is known as the city of fashion.A sculpture that is characterized by its Mediterranean features.Sculpture based on the discontinued Babyclon® star model, the Berlin model. Under the great demand to make the sculpture with larger sizes, this...
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    The younger brother of the Galaxy model cannot be missing. He follows the very few lines that his older brother but in a small size. With its crest and white dots that are illuminated with ultraviolet light, they make this mini model a great choice
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    A unicorn is a solitary, mythical and respectful being with the other species. Its horn is full of magic and only people with a pure heart are able to touch them.Like people, he is the only being that perceives Intelligence and Beauty.Sculpted by Cristina Iglesias.
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    The new Nairobi model will love you just to see it, we have inspired the city of Naoribi, capital of Kenya, which signifies “place of fresh water” and that is the Nairobi model.has features never seen in Babyclon® that make this model unique and very special. Her sharp lips make you just want to hug and stay with you Limited edition. Both faces...
Showing 9 - 16 of 24 items

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